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Free GED® Preparation classes



The GED® Preparation Program is another diploma option offered through Naugatuck Adult Education separate from the Credit Diploma Program. GED® classes prepare a student to take the state-sponsored GED® Examination to earn a Connecticut State High School Diploma. The GED® diploma is based upon passing this examination, not earning credits. GED® classes provide individualized instruction. Our classes prepare students for each section of the exam. The four content areas - literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies - will measure a foundational core of knowledge and skills that are essential for college and career readiness. The minimum age for enrollment in adult education is 17 years of age. Students must document school withdrawal with parental permission.

GED® preparation classes are offered in both daytime and evening classes at Naugatuck High School.

To register for GED preparation classes, please see our latest brochure for registration dates. The brochure can be found by clicking on School Publications on the left hand side of the the web-page, or call us at 203-720-5282.