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Free NEDP® Program

National External Diploma Program (NEDP®)

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP®) provides a unique way for adults to earn a high school diploma. The program allows adults to demonstrate their high school level skills by applying their life experiences in real-life situations. NEDP® awards a traditional high school diploma to adults who have acquired many of their high school level abilities through work, family, and community experiences.

NEDP® is not a classroom instructional program. Instead, it provides the opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Because NEDP® participants are adults, the program structure offers considerable flexibility. Participants complete parts of the program online at home and the other parts in a series of meetings onsite with a trained NEDP® advisor and assessor.

You can earn your high school diploma confidentially through the successful completion of a series of activities. Candidates must demonstrate reading, writing, math, technology and problem solving skills, as well as life-skill competencies needed to function as a literate thinking adult. When all work is completed independently with 100% accuracy, your portfolio is reviewed by an assessor for verification. You must meet with an advisor on a regular basis to help you reach your goals.

Registration every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. starting September 16, 2015 or call for daytime appointments: 203 720-5282.